Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome to the Wonderful Land of Scotland!

Summer is in the air here in Aberdeenshire. By the way, when i say Aberdeenshire, i am referring to the county of Aberdeen (but this area excludes Aberdeen itself). The county bordered Kincardineshire, Angus and Perthshire to the south, Inverness-shire and Banffshire to the west, and the North Sea to the north and east. It had a coast-line of 65 miles (105 km). The area is generally hilly( as you can see in many of my photos), and from the south-west, near the centre of Scotland, the Grampians send out various branches, mostly to the north-east.

When it is a lovely day, like today, we need to grab it(as it can get very crappy and very windy here at times!). Last weekend, we again took a short trip. What a lovely view! Me and my husband took these shots. We knew that when we grew old and gray we'll gonna look back at these photos and would say, " we'd been there...we'd done that!" And yup, we took these photos! Just a lovely dominant medley of yellow and green colors plus the blue skies! (Don't mind the red, white and gray additional!).


tanyaGirl said...

wow such a wonder, ka nice diha manai oi...
musta nman ka dear oi, taud2 na gyud ko wala ka laag dri dah,,, hehehe

Shiela said...

Prily chada man diay dinha dapita sa inyo. lami kaayo tambay diha sa summer ba unya inom dayon gina juice unya kaon og

Take care dear!

Amor said...

I love countryside,it's so peaceful and serene but just for a visit :) not to live coz I can't live far from the city.

Lynn said...

Wow! Ka nice sa view, Cuz oi. As in! When kaha ko ka anha? Lol.