Thursday, June 12, 2008

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Since the very moment that i gained consciousness, i am loving smiles and giggles, and laughters. They are the best stuffs of life and i cannot imagine the world without laughters! Ah, i just love to laugh and sometimes when there are really funny, funny stuffs i will laugh and laugh till my face hardened up!!!! I think this is one of the reasons also how me and my husband maintain a very good relationship --- i love to make him laugh. My being always silly will took away the shy nature of him! And he can crack jokes us well in just some spontaneous manner. Oh well, all of us need really a good laugh and we need it more often...

I am always one of the big fans of Readers' Digest. One of my favorite sections? The "Laughter is the best medicine" section. It always made my day. It is good to know that they are readily available online. RD Laughs Main offers jokes in more varied ways --- funny, clean jokes and anecdotes, humorous Stand-up Videos, Funny Cartoons, funny photo contests and more! So, if you got a funny video of just about anything, why not share it? Got a really funny photo? Share it as well. If you have some funny stories to tell, why not share it and make someone laughing today? You might even got the chance to win 100 bucks or more for that joke. I submitted one. Got one,too? Submit it as well and let us share the laughter!
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