Saturday, May 31, 2008

Madonna Didn't Make It to the Finals

We watched again the last instalment of the show,"Britain's Got Talent" lastnight. It was the last semi-final round and oh, what an emotional, full of tension night. When all the 8 semi-finalists finished the performance, i knew already in my head and in my heart who will gonna make it to the finals. All my bet the last semi-final rounds had been true, but just lastnight was special. It was because...

There was this Filipina contestant named Madonna Decena. Clad in a classy outfit and dangling,glittering earrings, her rendition of Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All" was not that super phenomenal as compared to the other performances of the night. Simon Cowell didn't like it and even said that "this is a show of Britain's got talent and not a show of whoever got the saddest story". Madonna had been dubbed as appealing to sympathy whenever she appeared on television crying that she participated in the show to give a good future to her family in the Philippines who are impoverished and can hardly survive.

As for me, she got good voice but she still needs lots of practice, practice and mastery. The performance level, for me, was not that excellent. You can see on the stage that she was nervous. But really, i am so proud of her for getting through to the semi-final rounds. She can again participate next year and be more prepared. It will give her lots of time to master her craft. Hopefully, the show gave her a chance to be spotted by any company who might be interested of her and provide her a great career. Twelve million people had been watching the show and wow, it makes me proud to be a Flipino by having people like Madonna Decena who got talent, courage
and "star quality".

It still amazes me that in many major, major variety contests,especially with regards to singing that there is always filipino/filipina participants. That goes on to show that if you, guys out there want to have a popular kid in the future, might as well get some Filipino blood because there will always be a chance to achieve that dream !hehehehe. Oh well, you never knew!

As for Madonna, you had been very honest of showcasing the situation in our country. That was very brave thing to do. I really like you for that. I like people who are not pretentious and Madonna just captured my heart and the hearts of many,many millions of British populace. Like most Filipinos who are here in UK, Madonna is searching for greener pastures by working hard here leaving two daughters back home in the Philippines. She said she had been missing her daughters a lot but she is here to provide good future for them. I think she is taking the right step to a very good future to her self and to her family.

Don't lose hope,Madonna! There is always another chance. By the way, here is the link to her performance lastnight. Check this video.

As for tonight, we'll gonna watch the final round. Let us see if my bet will win!


Ely said...

Too bad. But Simon is right, as always. hehe. How about the Pinoy-British boy? Pasok pa ba sya?

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

madonna didn't make it pala =( sad. I saw her audition video that made the female judge cry. I still hope she could still be with her kids though