Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Baronial Castle: Its Legend

Recently, i had been reading about this grand castle. I found out that there is a legend and it is somehow scary. How i wish they allowed us to take photos inside the castle, but sadly, nope, not allowed. I only got this one dining room photo online, but really no other photos of the room available. There is this Green Room, Pink Room, Red Room, etc, etc,...
Anyway, the legend goes this way...
Legend has it that a young princess was once staying at the castle when she was brutually murdered while asleep in the 'Green Room'. Her body was dragged down the stone stairs, leaving a trail of blood stains. As hard as they tried, the occupants of the castle could not scrub out the stains, and so were forced to cover the steps in wood panelling, which remains today. It is said she still stalks the halls of the castle during the night. Numerous sightings were reported by former Property Manager, Eric Wilkinson, and piano music was said to be frequently heard in the empty castle by its former owner, Lavinia Smiley.
I probably would not go to this castle on the night! hehehehe!


Lynn said...

When can i see a true castle kaya? Hope it won't just be in my dreams. Har. Said hi to our Bf na cuzin. Mwah!

Pinay Jade said...

Wow interesting. I wouldn't go alone here either! I am such a wuss.

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By the way I will be going on a blog leave See you when I get back!


Ely said...

Ganda naman. Iba na talaga pag pang-royalty na, hehe