Thursday, May 29, 2008

Me and My Kids

There are no other most precious resources in the world than our children. They will be the future parents, the future leaders, the future bearers of the world, the links to the future. Hence, no matter how naughty they are sometimes, they are ours and they deserve all of our love and our attention.

I had delivered three children, but only two thrive. The loss of our precious girl, Priyala showed me how fragile the world is. It showed me how bad luck can happen to good people. It showed me how precious life is and even the simplest of all the simplest things needs to be appreciated. But things happen for a reason ,i know. We have two wonderful boys --- Prisco Samuel who is now 4 years old and Cameron John who is 10 months old.

Anyway,so much of the drama, hehehehe , here goes my photos(and the corresponding story of each) of me and my two adorable boys....

I. Chilling at Strathburn Park, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

We were having a chill-out time in the grass. Ah, it is not all the time that grasses become dry, so we grab the chance to enjoy its smoothness and dryness on a sunny day. We did enjoy it! I have just to be very careful with Baby Cam because he will eat just anything --- and he would even like to eat the grass!

II. Bedroom Silliness, Manila

We had been so tired from the trip and when we arrived in our hotel room right after getting little bit comfy, we went to the bed and dad took a pic of us still with our shoes! hehehehe! It is one of our silly photos(but we never slept with our shoes!hehehehe)!

III. Buying Baby Cam's High-Chair , Aberdeen

It is me and Baby Cam shopping at Mothercare World, Aberdeen. In this section of the store we bought his high-chair. I am sure he's happy with our choice!

IV. Mom and Prisco at Louvre Pyramid, France

It is me and Prisco with one of the celebrated architectural structures in artistic world --- the very famous Louvre Pyramid of the Louvre Museum, Paris. Baby Cam obviously was not been conceived yet and i am still on the stage of getting over my fears whether i'll be getting pregnant again or not after the loss of our baby girl. Prisco had been the one who always cheer me up. I cannot imagine how would i cope up this loss time without Prisco. Thanks,my son for the joy and comfort you gave to mommy!

I wanna thank my friend Jona for tagging me. Just wanted to let you know i appreciated your efforts of remembering me. And for those other tags of my blogging buddies that still hadn't been done, please excuse me. hehehehe. I can only do little tags everytime. I hope you understand! Cheers,my friends!

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Rules :

1. Start Copy from "Begin Copy" until "End Copy".
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Now, i am tagging my blogging pals Lynn-Chic , Aidisan and Mylou. I really want to see your bonding moments with your child/ren captured in photos.


Juliana RW said...


Thanks for doing this tag ;) wow..your children are cute ^__^. I added u to master list. Remember to update the master list, once a while (rules no. 5)

Thanks. Have a nice day

Lynn said...

Thanks for this tag cuz. Nice pics with prisco and cam, huh? Nice views pud.

Hmmm...i wonder what pic with Yogi should i put? Hehe.

Take care cuz! Hugs to the lil ones.

I Love Philippines! said...

ABC Bloglearner said...

Hi! How sweet naman! You are like your kids, with a very jolly and fun's great to read stuffs like these. You sound very contented and happy. i am glad for you.


I hope you buzz me up when you have new posts...just click the ABC Bloglearner name below.

Take care and best regards,
ABC Bloglearner

mylou said...

thank you for this tag, i'll do this later...'m still looking other nice picts..q

Amor said...

Kasweet nyong mag-ina.Ganahan kaayo sa inyong mga pics,close kaayo imo mga anaks a imoha.

Pasensya na ha karon rako kabali kay super duper busy kaayo ko.BTW,thanks for the tag,I'll be doing it soon.

Liza said...

hi prily! how are you? i'm sorry to hear about your baby girl. you're right everything happens for a reason.

you're boys are adorable!

jana said...

hello manai kumusta, how are you na, hehehe that pictures are so great...

Mummy Sheng said...

nice pics!

so sad about the loss of an angel...but you're right; things does happen for a definite reason. i'm sure angel priyala is always watching over you and the whole family. and she's surely glad with the way you are taking care of her cute brothers!

take care dear!

Dakilang Islander said...

hello napadpad lang galing isla. naa lagi binisaya nga comment diri..hehh wala lang just make me happy