Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Signed Up for Social Spark!

I can't believe i have goodluck today! My blog in SocialSpark,a social Marketing Network that connects advertisers and bloggers through an online advertising marketplace was approved! I was delighted! Now, i would not keep on chasing and fishing some opportunities in many other sites. It was so time-consuming and not practical at all! But since i am approved in SocialSpark, this means more opportunities for me to grab, and means, more bucks would go to my savings!

But what is this new social marketing network? How does it work? This is how it works fundamentally, Advertisers are able to target blogs based on conversational topics and make cash sponsorship offers to the bloggers who publish them. Bloggers can make money by either placing display advertisements on their blog or by writing sponsored content. The sponsorships offered through the SocialSpark marketplace allow advertisers to build buzz, generate traffic and maximize social media exposure.

This would mean advertisers and bloggers are on the equal playing field. For the bloggers like me, the advantages would be : 1.) Standing out in the crowd - we create profiles and tag ourselves so advertisers can find and engage us. 2.)Shake Your Money Maker - we get paid to write sponsored blog content on a per post basis, or have advertisers pay per day to sponsor your blog. 3.) Engage the masses - promote ourselves, our blogs and the individual pieces of contents we create. And 4.) Create a Universe - make new friends, discover new blogs and interact with other users. If you are an advertisers, you can : 1.) Handpick Your Bloggers - create a profile and tag yourself so bloggers can find and engage you. 2.) Establish your Army - Create Street Teams of online advocates that can be activated at any time. 3.)
Sponsor Blogs - Have bloggers create sponsored blog posts or run display advertising about your company. and 4.) Assess Your Success - Track your social media spend unlike ever before.

This is really great news for both bloggers and advertisers. So, signed up now. I f you are a blogger, keep on trying to be approved and don't lose hope if you'll not be approved right away. I had been submitting and resubmitting my blog, until they got tired and finally approved my blog! hehehehe! So, guys, try SocialSpark. I am so sure we will gonna like it and be hooked to it!
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