Friday, May 9, 2008

Toughness of Teething

For the past days my baby had been having fever and little of diarrhea. I had been panicky but there's no use to it. I went to the doctor two days ago and doc told me that i will just keep giving Baby Cam the legendary Calpol. Oh well, he said everything is fine. Since, Baby cam got colds , fever will likely occur as well. The past nights had just been tough. If the baby got no sleep, so is the mom. Baby Cam is really feeling the discomforts of teething. I know that the feeling of pain in teething usually comes and goes but really this time his pain is tremendous. All i can do is the thought that this pain will soon be done...
Right now he is having a nap but i also know that soon he'll wake up and cry again. He's also being fussy now and refuse food. Oh,dear,dear, i hope his teeth malady will soon be over. Oh, well, my baby, be strong... Ah, i am still worried actually. This teething business is not easy!!!


Lynn said...

Oh, look at baby Cam, he's just so adorable even though those beautiful eyes were filled with tears. Don't worry baby Cam, mommy is there to protect and care for you. Hugs & Kisses.

Mira said...

Oh we've been there too! No more teething blues for us now, it's the climbing out of the playpen this time, waaaah!
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beevee said... cute! hope he's well now.