Saturday, May 10, 2008

May Malady for my Baby

We know that one of mom's maladies is when our kids got sick. We even hope it's us that are sick and not them...

I got panicked last Friday when i found out that Baby Cam got some red rashes all over his body. I knew he got fever but rashes? This is not right! I noticed these little rashes last Thursday but not a lot. Now, it's very visible even on his faces and on his head!

So i immediately phoned the medical center and they said they'll call me back. What a fantastic quality service they have here in Scotland with regards to many things especially health care. I went down to the kitchen to have a little bite when suddenly the phone rang, it's the doctor. He asked me about Baby Cam and everything. Oh well, i told him the same story that i went to the clinic the other day and baby got fever and now he got red rashes, blah blah blah...! Anyway, the doctor told me my baby got viral infection, a kind that is very common for the kids under 2 years old. So, i asked him if i can go to the medical center right away and if he can take a look on it. He said i can get an appointment around 11:30 am . I called around 9:00 am). I asked him if there is a need for me to bring my baby to the hospital? He said nope. I asked him if he encountered lots of cases like this? He said yes,many times.

So, i calmed down and got something to eat. My poor little fella was crying on the phone while i am talking to the doctor. No matter if it's only a fever, colds, cough, we,moms, normally got worried. We just don't know why our babies have those. And rashes? Oh well, i am pretty sure i am very up to date with regards to my sons' vaccination. I am still thinking where did he get this virus? Since this is airborne, i am just thinking if from the plane?from school? from the shops ... Ah, it doesn't matter...It is very hard to traced and nothing i can do about it!

But anyway, we got the appoinment doctor told me the same thing what we talked on the phone. This viral infection is very common. First there is fever and colds and then after few days rashes will come out. But he assured me, rashes will be gone gradually...I will just have to give my baby, lots of fluids and???Again, babies' bestfriends --- Calpol or paracetamol infant drops!

Lastnight, oh, thank God, Baby Cam's fever diminished. Doctor is right! Rashes are not so visible...and he slept pretty good compensating his lack of sleep and discomforts for the past nights.

Getting sick is a tough business for little fellas. When i see children that are not well, i always feel sad because wouldn't it be nice just to see their happy faces??? But the reality is, they, too got to have lots of health issues to be coped up. Different kids, just like any individual had various coping mechanisms and we,moms are the same. Think of my situation here : i just arrived in a community that i hardly know anyone (okay i know some but they live like 30 minutes drive away and that these people are also busy and it is my attitude not to disturb the privacy of people, except if there is really a need to!), baby got sick, husband is away, my family is away, i am struggling with 2 boys... It is tough, i know, but thank God, i handled it unbelievably well. Being worried is normal, but at the end of the day, worries never help and most of the things we worry are not even within our control. So, well, i gotta stay as cool as i am. I am just thankful now, my baby is sleeping soooo well...I hope he will be completely fine tomorrow... I can only hope and pray.



yes its true. Mom are even worried than anybody else. we know that when our kids is sick, we dont have enough sleep either.we just check on them all the time.get well soon baby

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Lynn said...

Wawa naman Baby Cam. Yes cuz, no need to worry 'bout those rashes. My niece had one a month ago i guess.

Get well soon to Baby Cam! MwaH!

Mummy Sheng said...

hope your baby is fine by now.

kids that age do tend to catch anything. we should just be extra careful as mums. doctors always say it's normal but it's hard not to worry about it, isn't it?

hope he's on his way back to his jolly self again!