Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Hot Men?...

Got this tag from hot-mama, Sheng. Probably, my husband would agree with these hot men i listed here. hehehe! Don't worry, sweetie, you're the hottest for me!!!!
Here is my list...tralalalala....

1. Immortal Mortensen

I know he is no George Clooney or Johnny Deep.... He is no Georgie Porgie or Jack with Jill...hehehe...but he is not only the "king of Lord of the Rings Trilogy", but more so the king of hotness. My husband once told me, " If i have to have my wish granted who i will be, i wanna be the Victorious Viggo..." Oh well, i can only agree! hehehehe. There's no harm in dreaming and it is free! he is not only a versatile actor but also a poet and a painter. What a great package!

2. Diamond in Damon

This hot guy is very down-to-earth. I like him a lot when he told his bestfriend Ben Affleck to cancel his engagement to the bitchy Jennifer Lopez! What can Ben Affleck do? Of course, follow Matt. He knows he is the best and that he just gave the best advice for his good. Awarded as the Sexiest Man on the Face of the Earth last year, the humble Matt would even hide his face and would say he didn't deserve to be as such. But even George Clooney( who once became the Sexiest Man himself) acclaimed that no other men is more deserving than him. You're just priceless as a diamond, Matt and you are never a fake. That's why you're just as hot as ever!

3. Gosh...Josh????

When Josh had been filming a movie in Davao City last year, i said to my husband, "Can't you believe that Josh is here at Davao?" My husband could not believe either. He is filming "Coming Out In The Rain" in the goldmine place of Diwalwal. Ah, how i wish i saw him in person(but of course, i cannot, i am sooo pregnant and it is very dangerous in Diwalwal. hehehehe! Just like the goldmine, Josh is just a jewel. What a sweet guy, so down-to-earth and he is just so plain and simple when interviewed in the local television. What a charmer! Look at his smiles....those eyes... all ladies' hearts will be melted. Seen him the first time in Pearl Harbor, and just like pearls, Josh has been one of women's desires!

4. Blooming Bloom

He is just hot as in hot and hot.hehehehe. Handsome, very good actor, very versatile. Just like Viggo, he is immortal as well. His career is always so blooming and it is always reflected on his surname... He got charms, talent, intelligence and everything!

I only wanna elaborate four although i do like the Titanic guy, Leonardo di Caprio as well. What a really, really, really good actor. But, i think four is enough.

I am passing this tag to my hot cousins Lynn and Portia.

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Lynn said...

Good for u, cuz! Kadakop ra jud ka. Brownout diri oi. Pag-open nako, grey na tanan. Ewww! hehehe.

Niwey, thanks for this tag cuz. I'll do this now na aron lingaw. Hehe.