Saturday, May 17, 2008

Internet Hoax

While waiting for my chatmate in the receiving area of Ninoy Aquino International Airport last 2000, the airport security guard chatted with me and said, "who are you waiting for and what flight?..." I told him i am waiting for my online friend(who definitely is my boyfriend before we even physically met each other. The physical meeting was just a confirmation. I am referring to my husband now). The security guard told me, "are you sure he is coming?" I said of course! But really i was stunned why he asked me that. So i asked him,"why you asked that?" So, he told me there were lots of Filipina girls crying and endlessly waiting in the airport and that nobody arrived! In other words, they had been bluffed and fooled by their so-called chatmates.

I can't understand how those buggers feel that they had fooled somebody. Probably they were feasting and feeling like conquerors that they had fooled Asian ladies? Or had they also been fooled before because some Asian girls also asked them money? I can't really answer. In the internet world, i am very sure there are lots of imaginary things, there are lots of stories being made, and of course,mostly are not true. Things like their chatmates died, etc..etc... Oh well, just really bad.

Here is a case in California wherein a mom was indicted in deadly Myspace hoax. This Missouri woman was indicted Thursday for her alleged role in perpetrating a hoax on the online social network MySpace against a 13-year-old neighbor who committed suicide. Lori Drew, of suburban St. Louis, allegedly helped create a MySpace account in the name of someone who didn't exist to convince Megan Meier she was chatting with a 16-year-old boy named Josh Evans. She was charged with conspiracy and fraudulently gaining access to someone else's computer.Megan hanged herself at home in October 2006, allegedly after receiving a dozen or more cruel messages, including one stating the world would be better off without her.

Salvador Hernandez, assistant agent in charge of the Los Angeles FBI office, called the case heart-rending."The Internet is a world unto itself. People must know how far they can go before they must stop. They exploited a young girl's weaknesses," Hernandez said. "Whether the defendant could have foreseen the results, she's responsible for her actions." Read full story here.

I can only agree what Hernandez had said.


Vincent Bautista said...

heard this rumor but I never realized that it was true. Who knew that an unknown villain could do something so evil like that and end up killing the poor girl...

I pity the girl... she must have been so broken to be driven into killing herself. Some people (the one who committed the fraudulent act) sure don't have feelings... it's scary...

MasterABD said...

I csn assure you this is not something that plagues only Filipina girls, but infact everyone online.

The vast majority of online dating ends abruptly when it comes time to meet. Now the half-tactful ones simply make up some lame excuse not to go. (ie. a death, family emergency, etc). Then there are the tactless ones who simply vanish never to be heard from again. Lastly are the complete a**ho**s who claim they are going to show but never do.

Although you will hear of tons and tons of successful online dating stories, the percentages are actually very low. This is why sites like eharmony or adultfriendfinder have millions of members but only a few hundred success stories.

I am glad that your experience was not only one that ended well, but in fact ended in true love!