Friday, May 16, 2008

DigiScrap From a Friend

I wanna thank my blogging friend Jana for exerting effort in making this beautiful digiscrap. I was stunned and surprised. I can't believe somebody would do that for me! Ah, she was sneaky as i don't know she'd been viewing my friendster photos and got this one and turned it into a beautiful digiframe! fantastic job!!!! Thanks a lot, sweet friend and goodluck to all your endeavors!!!


Lynn said...

Wow! nice! that's so sweet of her to give u such. :)

jana said...

ahihihihi thx so much friendship u like it, nangukay gyud ko ug picture ahihihi
Bless u friendship...

Jona said...

you got one too? it's so nice Prily.

by the way, thanks for commenting on my digiscrap. try it! it's so fun! :-)