Saturday, May 24, 2008

One Million Pounds Wedding

I was astounded when i heared about this lavish wedding of a Scottish millionaire golfer Colin Montgomerie and furniture heiress Gaynor Knowles. The wedding venue was held last April 19 at the captivating Loch Lomond Golf Club here in Scotland. That wedding was a smashing 83 Million pesos or 2,075,000 US dollars! Both are millionaires on the making. Montgomerie's fortune is worth 25 million pounds while Gaynor, who is really extremely wealthy on her own right owns a £2 million Perthshire home, a villa in Majorca, a £1 million collection of classic cars and a £20 million fortune.

Montgomerie admitted that he wrecked his 14 year-marriage to childhood sweetheart, Eimiar due to his obssession to golf. Monty was captivated when he first met Gaynor in 2006 and his brief dalliances with a string of beauties, including Spanish model Ines Sastre and ex-Miss England Dr Helen Westlake, came to an abrupt halt. Indeed his golfing ambitions seem to have also waned as his ardour for Gaynor has grown.

Let us wish goodluck to this marriage considering the idea that Gaynor has not that slightest interest in the golf game. She wants Montgomerie to spend more time with family and with her. Let us see what will happen....

I was laughing when i learned that On the very morning of his wedding to Gaynor Knowles, the widow of a furniture tycoon, Montgomerie played a round with many of his 340 guests at the prestigious Loch Lomond golf course in Scotland. hehehehe. Funny! For more of the story, click here.


Me, the islands and the world said...

Wow! am curious how their marriage will fare considering that the guy seems obsessed with his golf more than keeping his marital life. I wish them luck:)

Pinay WAHM said...

Well, they have the money to spend so I guess that's what they do. If only they can stay together longer than they've known each other then it would probably be worth it.

Musta na, Prily?

Happy weekend.


Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Prily...

Tag kita ulit..hehe. Link is:



earthlingorgeous said...

Hi Prily,

Wow! Million dollar wedding! I'm so envious! Hahahaa! Nah not really.

But hmmmm, that story about his soon to be wife played golf before their wedding is sounding like he is getting his Karma.

Anyway, I am sending you a tag. It's about the Myer-Briggs personality test. It's a real fun and bit accurate test. Hope you take the test it's in my Earthly Explorations blog.

Have a great week ahead!

yoxx said...

wow... i just cant imagine