Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SocialSpark Sparkling as a Sun!

Everyone is excited upon hearing that a new site is offering new and exciting opportunities to bloggers like me. Yes,SocialSpark is shining, sparkling as a radiant sun beckoning a new day to many bloggers in the blogosphere. This is another offering from Izea and everyone are invited to join.
If you love to blog, if you love to write and get paid doing it SocialSpark is your place to be. You can write about websites, products, services, and/or companies and earn cash for providing your honest opinion and valuable feedback to the advertisers. And because this is a social website as well, you can actually make friends while earning money. Very cool, actually!

I joined myself under the profile name as Priscocam although i would admit that i have lots of exploring to be done in this new site. I am so thrilled upon learning that it is becoming so popular now. What an impact! I picked up Priscocam because that is me and that i enjoyed blogging and that SocialSpark i believe will offer me unique and distinct opportunities i had not found in other sites. Oh well, i know my profile is somehow new and i had not put my photo yet, but slowly, slowly, dear friends. I will soon sort it out. How about you? Had you made your profile already? If you haven't already done so, go ahead and create a profile. Join me now!

DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored by SocialSpark.
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