Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hiking on Land of the Viking

First of all, i wanna thank my son Prisco for suggesting to me that title. I originally want the title simply as "Land of the Vikings" but then he told me, Hiking and Viking goes well together!". So, i agreed!

I remembered when we went to Canada last December 2006, when my father-in-law fetched us at the Halifax International Airport with long whiskers. I told him, "Hi Dad, you look like a Viking!" And he said, " I am indeed!". And so he told us about this Viking movie in which he is one of the casts. It is James Caviezel that is the main character. I am very proud of my father-in-law to be a part of the movie and the main thing that i am most proud of, this movie is even filmed on his own land. No matter if this movie will be a blockbuster or not, it does not matter that much. What matter to us is the pride that wow, Nova Scotia will be famous again. And we are more proud for the fact that it is filmed in our own backyard. The feeling is just fantastic.

I will show you the photos on the morning hike that we had . My father-in-law was very keen in showing us around. There was no shoot on that day and of course, hiking will not be allowed during shooting. So we went on the right time...

When i am showing Prisco the photos as i am uploading, he thought that the rocks we were carrying are really very heavy. You'll be surprised how light they are as light as plastic cups! Hehehehe! Surely when we will see the real movie, with too much editing and with the addition of lots of cinematic effects, the real beauty of my dad's place will not be the same anymore. So, i am posting these photos exposing the natural, unexploited land of Our Father...

Goodluck to the movie OUTLANDER! Thanks a lot for choosing the village of Nine Mile River as the main shooting spot. The people there are really looking forward and very anxious waiting for this movie including me to come out this year... We will surely buy a DVD of this one as well. You would do the same if you are in our shoes!


Amor said...

Hehehe,katawa ko sa pic nimo nag alsa ka ug bato,kusgana nimo Prily uy :)Wow!naka adto gyd mo mismo sa location sa film ,too bad wla nyo nakita ang actual shooting.Congrats sa imo father in law kay apil diay sya sa casts.

Scott said...

Amazing pictures! Makes the life of a viking look beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pics as I've enjoyed reading about your adventures.

Lynn said...

Oist, never thought you're that strong cuz, kaalsa gud dako nga bato o! lol.

nice pics ba. hope i'll be able to see that movie para kita nako imo father-in-law. :)

sa BV to cuz.