Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First Swingperience

We are always proud of our kids' milestones because we feel that we are sole part of it. Their milestones are our milestones and each first experience is always a thrill to us.

A day in the Strathburn park of Inverurie, Aberdeenshire last April 27 is the official day Baby Cam had his first swing experience. At first, he cried, you can see the little tears on his solo pic...but then with that tears accompanied the smiles, being so thrilled with the new and exciting thing.

Here's the little fella...

Mommy is putting baby Cam in her lap after that first swing trial. You can see on his face that he is still eyeing the swing...

So definitely he,ll go back to the swing again and Daddy is with him...

It was a nice day and a nice experience for a nine month old baby!


Lynn said...

Ka cute jud ni Baby Cam oi. Kalami paakun! Hehe. Kisses to the little ones. Mwah!

thamro said...

so cute

Budget Traveller said...

hi Prily! naa na diay mo dh sa scotland..daghan na gyd ko na miss, I'll have to read your previous posts for me to be updated..heheh!

Ka cute kau ni Cam and not not mention sexy kau c mommy :)


His Girl Friday said...

Hi just passing thru but thought I'd say howdy!

ah, they grow so fast!! Great photos!!
(my oldest is 17yrs and is talking about college) :/

Ely said...

cute. Bat ako ndi ako natakot magswing nung 9months old ako. hehehe. Joke!

Mummy Sheng said...

thanks for your message of concern!

hubby doesn't really wear jewelries because it irritates his skin, something to do with the gold's components. he just gets away with the necklaces because it sits on his hairy chest. hahaha! he never take them off even when he's showering. that's how he value his mum's rings and the crucifix.

but it's gone now. i better go jewelry hunting then! LOL!

thanks again and god bless!