Friday, May 9, 2008

Five Star Blogs

Maintaining one very good quality blog entails lots of passion, lots of workmanship, lots of creativity, lots of perseverance and lots of hardwork. How much more for maintaining four very goood quality blogs?

David got four fabulous blogs that are all must-see by fellow bloggers. I fell inlove with his photographs, the way he made the title for each post, the way how his photographs can be a story on each own, and the way he puts his words. They are just enthralling. I am still amazed how he did those!!!! In simple sense, just very pretty!

Take a look at these blogs....(Ah, how i wish they are mine!)....

1. Virginia Breeze

2. A Photo Link With Love

3. Shoot The Virginia Breeze

4. Newslink Briefs

The pictures alone will take your breath away. I was in awe when i visited these sites. It's like i am brought in a heavenly place. His news blog is just tempting with a tinge of humor and delight. I had really an enjoyable time during my visit! Thanks a lot, David for sharing your treasured photographs to the world. Thanks for sharing your talent to us. Your places in the blogosphere are just fabulous and are all with Five Star Ratings. More power to you! What a very good job!!!!

To you my beloved friends, try to see these blogs yourself. As i said, how i wish, they were mine!!!

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