Saturday, May 17, 2008

Officially Three

You got it right, i had been officially blogging for 3 months now! Made some few paid posts which i considered as fillings (just like a sandwich!). Not too bad actually to earn a little bit. I still got no Page rank(PR)and still envious to some who have! But i am soo happy for them, especially for those gracious ones who still added me even if i still hadn't got a rank. But who knows? Someday?... And to those who are selfish enough to add the others who got no PRs? You will gonna lose yours one day! hehehehe. How wicked of me!!!!

The truth is: i am enjoying blogging. In a quiet place like Aberdeenshire where i hadn't even known even one neighbor for 5 weeks that i am here, blogging is a great outlet, or outbursts, whatever! I made really few great, interesting pals in blogging. These people are very special people who i might never got the chance to meet in the real world... but thanks to blogging and thanks that i am doing blog hopping!!!!

Somehow i hadn't still graduated from being a neophyte. There are just too many things to learn and everyday i am just bombarded with the avalanche of information and somehow i can't manage to understand some of them! Each day there is new style, new trend, new code, new widget, etc.. .etc...Hence, for an old-fashioned person like me who is not really technologically savvy, somehow, i am culturally shock! There are just too many things to do here that are deemed unimaginable!

By the way, before i will end this post i wanna thank my Scottish friend, Jennifer Giles for visiting me,uhmmm, 3 weeks ago at our house. She was my first house guest. I was delighted to have her even just for few hours. Jennifer was our closest neighbor in Kemaman, Terengganu,Malaysia and how small is the world, we see each other again here in Scotland!

She brought me some lovely,lovely tulips... and i love tulips... I even wanted to go to Netherlands, the so-called land of the tulips to see and have photos with thousands of blooming, gregarious, well-manicured tulips and to see lots of windmills and other amazing things.

Here are some photos of me and lovely flowers and my beautiful friend Jennifer with the kids--- BabyCam, Prisco and Gaby (Jennifer and Kevin's daughter. Gezzz, look at her, she was still a baby when i saw her in Malaysia. Wow! Now, she's so independent and very active really!)...


Lynn said...

And to those who are selfish enough to add the others who got no PRs? You will gonna lose yours one day! hehehehe. How wicked of me!!!!

Ha ha ha! Taray mo cuz ha! I find this amusing though.

Guttu said...

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Mars said...

Hi Prily;) Thanks for always visiting my site and for leaving a comment on my posts;)

The tulips are lovely..

Blogging has been very therapeutic for me as we;ll;)

Mrs G said...

HI Prilly

WOW, I never knew the world of Blogging existed! Great photos. Im away to download some off the camera and will email you some. Speak to you soon xxxxxx