Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Queen at 23 years

April 20,2008. The 23rd Wedding Anniversary of a lovely couple that we had been very close in Scotland --- Derek and Aniceta Queen. They are Prisco's primary godparents. We are so blessed to be with them during their wedding anniversary this year. They are very good people and we love them. They are always a call a way when we need them. They are a family to us. A day after i arrived in Scotland i went to the place where Ate Annie works, and upon seeing me, she got very excited that she actually stumbled a little bit in that little step in her workplace !hehehe! All because of her excitement that i am here in Scotland.
To you, lovely couple --- Cheers to that undying love and wishing your family circle good health, good friends and good fortune!
And, by the way, i love your Butterfly cake with flower muffins surrounding it. Great choice! Butterflies are real goodluck and we are wishing you the same.


Me, the islands and the world said...

Ganda naman ng butterfly cake..pano ginawa yan. Naa kaha na diri sa Davao? hehehehe!

Lynn said...

kalami sa cake oi. for sure, lami jud pud na. hehehe.

Mira said...

Dai I hope I didn't paste here the tag that I grabbed from another site, LOL. Sorry if I did, paki delete na lang, I've been blog hopping for some hours now, and my fingers and back are starting to hurt. Pati eyes ko duling na yata, LOL.
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jana said...

wow extend mt besh wishes to them too, how are na beloved friend, parihas mn ta ani na bc oi, but its ok as long as we communicate... missing u

the HulaGirl

From the Eyes of my Heart said...

the butterfly cake looks gud!! yum yum =)

Amor said...

Wow!23 years hope kami din ng hubby ko ganyan or even more :)Congrats to them!


congrats. have a nice day. visiting you here. good post!