Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Day in the Strathburn Park

The weather here is really getting nicer and my Scottish friend even sent me an email saying..."you must have been bringing the sunshine with you!"... i was laughing because i know that it is just timely that we arrived in a better season of the year and i know also that weather is so unpredictable. So, while the iron is hot... i mean while the weather is warm, we have to visit some parks and be kids again...
Before my husband went offshore, we went to Strathburn Park in Inverurie. Our boys were delighted as you can see with our photos. Not only our kids but us as well. Look at how we become kids again with our kids!
Welcome to the Strathburn Park --- free for everyone--- to all the young ones and the young once!

Our first family photo since we arrived here! (Ah,it is very difficult to ask somebody sometimes, but this time, thanks to the dad who took our pic!).

My boys had fun on this tanker...

Prisco and Scott on the seesaw...

Look at the monkey in here...Hehehehehe!

That's all folks! Tata for now!


Lynn said...

Ka nice sa pics oi. Ka nice pud jud sa view. You really looked like you all had a great time. (",)

Mummy Sheng said...

nice to see that not only the kids enjoyed the park, but the not-so-young kids as well! hahaha!