Monday, May 19, 2008

Friendship Tag:To Do Things

My blogging friend Mylou tagged me about my To-Do-List. Honestly, my friends, i got many things to do, some of these are kinda routine and if i have to put it here one by one the list would be endless. So, i will concentrate on the most important ones:

1. Organize...organize...organize...
2. Gather the many receipts and sort them out.(We need this to be submitted to my hubby's company).
3. Blog hop...think of good entries... make reviews/ comments.
4. Chase some opportunities.
5. Answer/read mails
6. Call my old friends here in the UK.
7. Wanting to be prompt with the tagging!(sometimes i am real slow!).
8. Household chores --- endless(laundry,ironing,washing the dishes,vacuuming,recycling/throwing garbage,cooking,etc....etc...)
9. Parenting (feeding,bathing,playing, changing,etc...etc...
10. Time for myself!Time for my husband!
11. Time for others.

Sometimes number 9 comes first or number 10 or number 8. It just depends.
I am passing this tag to my pals Wendy, and Lynn, Portia and Lindsay.

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