Friday, May 30, 2008

The Priest of Notre Dame

What made Notre Dame Basilica so famous? Mainly because of its unique architectural design. It is dubbed as the "Jewel of the Gothic architecture." But i don't want to talk about this very grand tourist attraction of Paris, nor its history, nor its relevance with Victor Hugo's "Hunchback of NotreDame" story.

I want to share my own reflective emotions while i went there(with my husband and Prisco and my two sisters Phoebe and Babylonia) between October to November 2006. At this moment of my life, i was so down. I had seen many, many beautiful things, yet deep inside, i felt so low. But i looked around and found out that the world is still turning around... it never froze even just a second because of my sadness. I just lose a wonderful, beautiful baby and my husband had thought that i might need a time for a break ... a time to reflect... a novel place...and he thought of PARIS.

Okay we climbed the Eiffel Tower, dined at the highest building of Paris called Montparnasse Tower, spent enjoyable time at EuroDisneyland, went for a River Seine Cruise and other many, many things, yet the most unforgettable for me is my conversation with the Parish Priest. I forgot his name and he don't know my name, but i remembered our conversations about life and about death, about rewards and about punishment.

I asked him if i am being punished by God and gave me this pain? He said no and he said i should not think about those things. All the things that happen has its reason. I know that, but isn't it that sometimes life is unfair?....

The best thing that happened was that the Parish Priest gave me great blessings and great prayers(Now, that really made my trip to Paris sooo memorable).
But he also made my eyes so red because i cried and cried and cried... Ah, you can see in my photos how tearful i am(but still i was happy because i had been filled with spiritual happiness and there's just this surge of energy emanating from a powerful source).

And the art of crying which i think i had mastered? Tell me, who hadn't cried? But really, sometimes we just need to cry and cry and cry ... or shout if we must! You will never know what is real happiness without feeling sadness. Life should always be a balance. In Taoism, they call this "Yin" and "Yang".

As for myself, i should say: there is no life in fear. If you are in fear right now, like fear to try again because you got a miscarriage or any other mishaps... don't ever lose hope...

After my trip to Paris, the following month, i was pregnant and each day, i would pray, "oh, please, God, give me a healthy me with this pregnancy..." God answered my prayers.

To the Parish Priest of Notre Dame Basilica de Paris, i want to thank you for your blessings to my family and for your ardent prayers. I believe that God chooses instruments on Earth whom people can rely and be filled with the Holy Spirit. God chose you as his faithful follower so you can bless the life of other people, especially those people who needs healing, physically and most of all, spiritually and emotionally.

Above all, i thank the Lord for healing my pain and for giving me a wonderful baby and a wonderful family and wonderful friends. God bless us, everyone! Enjoy your weekend!


Mummy Sheng said...

loosing your precious baby must be the worst moment of your life! i cannot imagine how painful that must be! but you emerged a stronger and better woman.

true, that god sneaks in people to help us go through whatever we're dealing with. amazing, isn't it?

god bless!

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

the church looks awesome! thanks for sharing the pictures.

Galing naman, after you spoke with the priest the Lord gave you another baby! He really loves surprising us noh!