Monday, May 12, 2008

Thanks to Mom's Day Friendship Tags

I got this friendship tag from my friend C.A aka t'que. I highly appreciated your efforts of including me in your tag. There are few mother's day friendship tags that i really wanna do but time will not allow me to do it. I want to let you know, my friends that i greatly acknowledged your efforts on putting my link in your tags. If i didn't do your tags, it doesn't mean that i am not interested to do your tags, it's just that there are so many tags being lined up and the theme of those tags are just the same.
Hence, i wanna thank the following for including me in their tags for Mother's Day:
1. Lynn
2. Juliana
3. Kerslyn
4. Marites
5. Earth
6. Portia
7. Aidisan

As for the other tags that are still pending, i'll be doing them in the future...I'll gonna make time for them. Again, thank you,my beloved friends!


earthlingorgeous said...

You are welcome my dear friend!

Take care always and I hope Baby Cam is better now!

Hope you had a happy mom's day too!

Lynn said...

Thanks for always including me in your tags, cuz. I have like this na in my blogs eh which i did myself. Sayang, had i know that u're gonna give me one, di ko na sana gawa yun. Hehe.

Belated Happy Mother's Day, Cuz! MWaaah!

Kerslyn said...

No worries Sis! Take care!