Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Travel Personality

Got this tag from my cousin Lynn
. Thanks,my dear! I am loving it!

Your Travel Personality Is: The Adventurer

For you, travel is how you learn about the world. And you like to learn the stuff that's not in guidebooks.

You truly have wanderlust. When you're not traveling, you're dreaming about where you'll go next.

And your travels are truly legendary - they leave you with stories you'll be telling for the rest of your life!

I am tagging my friends Wendy, Jana, Portia, and Amor. Have a great month of May to everyone!


Lynn said...

hi cuz! thanks a lot for doing this tag. mwah.

anyways, mr. d is on my chic. tnx for the info ha.

cuz, i just posted a new entry at my tweetartz blog. guess mo what's inside the bag. let's see how well u can guess. hehe. ingatz.

Amor said...

Hello Prily,Im done with your tag sis.Sensya na ha kasi medyo busy parin ang beuty ko dito.Have a nice day!Parehos pa tayo ng travel personality :)