Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hotel's Weirdest Lost Item

Okay first of all, i am a forgetful person. I would accept that wholeheartedly. Many, many times, i forgot something in the hotel room. I will only realized after sometime when i reached my destination or when we left the hotel after sometime, and yup, there's just no turning back. My husband will always tell me every now and then whenever we'll be checking out, "had you checked and rechecked if you left something?" I said, yes... hehehe... But i will share to you how i remembered leaving many things...

1. When we were in Brunei i left all of my Neutrogena products in one package --- lotion, shampoo, conditioner. I never bothered. What will i do? Although they were new and with full content, but it is just impractical and time-consuming to get them back. Lucky those who kept it!

2. When we were in Kuala Lumpur, i left my Victoria Secret perfume and lotion, still new i bought from KLCC. We called the hotel, they said they don't have it. Am sure i left it! (Location, Crowne Plaza -Mutiara Hotel-KL)

3. I left dress, swimming attire (Sheraton Hotel - Labuan)... but they gave it back to me!

4. The weirdest thing that i left that i really wanted to get back???? My underwear! We were in Cape Breton Island and we booked on the Keltic Lodge. We checked out, and an hour after we left the hotel, i remembered i left my Triumph new under wear!!!! I told Scott who was driving as we were heading back to Nova Scotia. He said, "what we can do? Call the hotel and tell them to mail the underwear?"hehehehehe. Of course, we did not do anything. There was no turning back. But i just miss those underwear. They were pretty!

Okay i may had left these things and any other minor, minor things, but not this one: a 4 year old boy! Can you believe that? No matter how tired i am or how stressed i am in traveling, my kids will always be my greatest and most precious cargoes.

Here is a story in Edinburgh, Scotland last January 3, 2008--- The boy was left at the Travelodge in Edinburgh in the midst of chaos caused by his parents' rush to attend a family party, the (Glasgow) Daily Record reported. They did collect him quickly but he is still counted as the strangest item of lost property in the hotel. Other Travelodge locations also reported their most bizarre lost items . One Scottish location reported a suitcase full of wigs and glasses was left behind by a guest while other European locations reported an urn of ashes and a living Persian cat, the Daily Record reported.

Oh well, i don't know what will i do if i will leave my kids. I will gonna be soooo panicky! I don't mind leaving a suitcase full of underwears!!!

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Vincent Bautista said...

Elow! ^_^

Ei have you heard of the story of a Filipino family who left their 1 year old boy at Vancouver Airport?

They didn't leave him on purpose of course, it was just that the mom thought that the boy was with his dad while the dad thought that he was with his mom.

And when they arrived in Winnipeg they realized that they had left something very important!

It's a bit funny yet frustrating story. Good thing though that there were Filipinos working at the airport who realized that the child was Filipino because no one understood him.