Friday, May 2, 2008

Handy Device for Healthy Lifestyle

I love to eat and i bet so many of you are like me--- we don't keep track of what we put in our mouths. We wonder how many calories i ate already? Ah,oftentimes, we got confused and just don't care! With busy lifestyle and complicated way of bringing notebook and pen and writing anything, anywhere what we eat which is very impractical anyway,i am so glad upon hearing about this calorie counter. This handheld device is called CalorieSmart. It is a calorie calculator that helps people keep track and tailor their weight loss plan. This is a very ideal way to be fit for life. You can bring it anywhere and this handheld unit provides nutrition information for 35,000 foods including popular restaurant menus, especially the popular food chain stores. What a wonderful food calorie counter indeed! It can even keep a food and exercise diary. Very advantageous for people who value their health. Come on guys,check this out yourself and you'll be loving it!

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